About Us

  • Patrick Howard(1986-2000), The Longevity Foundation's inspiration!
  • Jack Howard, The Longevity Foundation Vice President and Patrick Howard
  • Robert Howard, president The Longevity Foundation and M.D. Anderson Science Park researchers

The Longevity Foundation began in 1992 after Patrick Howard’s family received a diagnosis that Patrick had an incurable, terminal genetic disorder known as A-T. ( Ataxia Telangiectasia) With the help of Bill Lynn, M.D., scientists and supporters soon learned that A-T is probably the best known model for many other degenerative diseases. Because of this, The Longevity Foundation has supported research into A-T and other debilitating, degenerative diseases plaguing human kind, including cancer and neuro-degeneration associated with auto-immunity and aging.

Researchers share their findings and collaborate with each other. The research must lead to practical, near-term treatments and cures to receive funds. The researchers have found treatments and cures that are the first of their kind in the world.

Over $850,000 in direct research grants have been made. These grants have leveraged over $9 million in research resources contributed by partner institutions such as M.D. Anderson, The University of Texas, other foundations, and the National Institutes of Health. Every $1 donated to The Longevity Foundation leverages over $10 worth of additional research. Therefore, a donation of $1,000 yields $10,000 in research!!

We pay the research institutions for direct costs only. We pay no administrative, indirect, or overhead costs. The Longevity Foundation itself has only one part-time Administrator who works out of donated office space, with minimal fixed costs.

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