• Richard Robertson, Jack Howard, Shirley Howard, Laurie Loew and Marian Robertson
  • Patrick Howard and his cat
  • Dr. George Stoica, Texas A & M University researcher

The Longevity Foundation began with the hope, help and energy of friends and family. We are very fortunate that our circle of friends and supporters has continued to grow exponentially through the years. They have kept us going through trying times, whether emotional, financial, organizational, or personal.

We hope that you will continue to believe that our research is worthy of your contributions. Our funding criteria demand that the research be done in a collaborative way that will yield tangible results in the shortest time possible.

Your money supports finding ways to stop uncontrolled inflammation and thus slow the degenerative process that comes with aging.

We are honored that many of you have chosen to support The Longevity Foundation. We believe that supporting our work is a sound choice for the following reasons:

  • Our research can help all of us as we experience aging and degenerative disease.
  • Our research will help children with A-T and other childhood degenerative diseases.
  • Our research is leading toward prevention and treatment of many forms of cancer.
  • Our research will help find cures for many other deadly degenerative diseases.
  • Our researchers are experimenting with nutrients and drugs that have little or no toxicity.
  • 100 percent of our grants budget goes directly into research and our overhead costs are the lowest possible with only one part time staff person and donated office space!
  • We are a non- profit 501(c)(3). Tax ID# 74-264573

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